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on MANE minibus rental site!

Benefits for rent minibuses!

Minibus rental with category B license!

8-9 person, reliable in comfortable and exclusive design.
*Airport transfer
* One or more days for domestic or foreign travel
* For weddings
* Business and school excursions, Events
You can hire it with a driver too!

For personalized price quotations, please contact us by email, phone number or Facebook!
Our minibus

    technically excellent condition,
    With 1 factory key,
    filled fillet,
    valid traffic permit,
    with a suitable tire,
    with accessories specified by the Highway Code,
    cleanly pass.

Documents required for leasing:

    ID card / passport
    Address card
    tax Card
    TB card
    In the case of a private tenant, last month's paid public utility bill, company paper required for the company.

 Our small buses can be driven by a category B license, which can be rented by a driver and without a driver.

If you do not require a driver, charge a deposit of 150.000Ft, and with the driver the driver's hourly or daily allowance.


In all cases, our buses are refilled and cleaned.
If the bus is returned in a dirty condition, then we charge  8,000 Ft!


Thank you for your support: MANÉ's management